THE PORETEGE RESEARCH GROUP conducts academic-based and industrially-oriented research in the Metallurgy & Materials Research Institute (MMRI) at Chulalongkorn University, with primary focus on:


Coating materials, specifically metallic-base coatings, can exhibit enhanced and interesting mechanical, thermal, magnetic and catalytic ... Read more


Owing to its ability to provide barrier protection and cathodic protection to steels, zinc is commonly coated on ferrous surfaces to protect them from corrosion. ... Read more


Metallic foam is a relatively new class of materials that exhibit a combination of intersting and attractive properties including high porosity, high internal surface area ... Read more


Powder processing provides a powerful route to form materials to near-net shape structures at relatively low temperatures ... Read more
9th February 2015
Monday Febuary09, 2015 at 9:00 am., MMRI\'s new researcher, Dr. Malinee Meepho will give u ... Read more
20th December 2014
Prof. A.C. Hegde of Department of Chemistry, NITK, Surathkal (India) will give us a visit ... Read more
16th September 2014
Making a donation at \"Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled under the Royal Patr ... Read more
"Advanced Microstructural Design in Metallurgical Applications" seminar by Professor Chris
Seminar 'Development of Metallic Coatings' at MMRI on Th. 29th, July 2010 by PORETEGE.
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